Activities and Education - Introduction

If you have a visual impairment, to live in a sighted world is not easy, especially if you have lost your sight later in life. At first the difficulties seem insurmountable, you feel out of place and unable to carry on life as before. You do not know if anyone is near you, there is any obstruction you may fall over, you may have difficulty in shopping, and are unable to see bus stops, bus numbers or, when to disembark. The result is loss of confidence, inclining you to stay within your own four walls rather than face the outside world.

If you would like to know more or are interested in any of our activities please contact Terry Myles on 01772 744148 or

Galloway's is proud of the wide range of leisure, recreational, educational and social activities we provide. The varied activities offered are all designed to teach new skills, create a new social life enabling you meet with other people and share experiences while making new friends.

Outdoor Pursuits

We have an extensive range of activities which include climbing, abseiling, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, archery, walking and more. We are currently running a diverse programme, allowing all who come on our outdoors activities to gain confidence, independence and the opportunity to gain an accredited award in a fun and friendly environment.

Canoeing on Rivington Reservoir Cycling at Tatton

Open Doors Residentials

These residential courses are designed to open up channels of learning in a relaxed, non threatening environment. There are varied themes covering heritage, culture, craft, language, music, drama and more, which are developed from the sugestions of people attending previous Open Doors.

Manchester Police Museum A taste of India


Holidays are planned with a leader and guides to make the holiday enjoyable. Booking and taking a holiday is, for a visually impaired person extremely difficult and often impossible through normal channels. For this reason our organised and conducted holidays are a great asset and very popular.

Cruising and Swimming in the Turkish Mediterranean Scarborough Seafront

Daytrips and Social

We run trips to places of interest, shopping trips, visits to the theatres and other places of interest. All trips are under the auspices of a leader and trained guides. These are on a one to one, or group basis, depending upon abilities or disabilities of those in the parties. This arrangement enables each visually impaired person to obtain maximum benefit and entertainment from the visits.

At the National Arboretum A Day at Haydock Races


Specialist groups are varied and have been formed in selected areas, for example swimming, bowling, yoga and more, including a community choir. These give people the opportunity to either join for the fun element, or be competitive in league matches or competitions.

Creating cards Craft by Touch

Drop-in groups are located around Lancashire and each is run by volunteers, it may be an afternoon of tea and chat or varied subjects including flower arranging, cookery, information technology, ceramics and more which are all taught by qualified tutors.